Outdoor Tech Joins the Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort with Academy Sports

Academy Sports’ corporate headquarters doubles as disaster command center for first responders in Katy, TX.

The devastating floods in the greater Houston area have caused billions of dollars of damage, taken lives, and displaced thousands of people. Amid all the destruction, the good people of Texas have banded together to help those in need.

One of Outdoor Tech’s retail partners Academy Sports has turned their corporate headquarters into a command post for first responders supporting the Katy, Texas community. When knowledge of this hit Outdoor Tech VP of Sales, Ryan Cockroft, he immediately asked how Outdoor Tech could help. Within hours, Outdoor Tech shipped 50 of their Kodiak 2.0 waterproof power bank/chargers to the command center in Katy, Texas.

Making sure those first responders have enough extra power to charge and recharge their phones, lights, and any other portable devices is just a small way that Outdoor Tech could lend a hand.

“I deeply feel for the citizens of Houston, and the surrounding areas. I was happy to learn that Academy was making an effort to give back to those that have supported them, and there was an opportunity for Outdoor Tech to help.” – Charlie Gugliuzza, CEO

When disaster strikes, people instinctively want to do anything they can to show their support. Outdoor Tech is grateful that some of their products are able to be used to aid in this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with those facing such adversity.

This release comes shortly after receipt of the news of Hurricane Irma and the shortening of Surf Expo. Our team is exhibiting at the show and have experienced first-hand the concern of local residents as they prepare for what may be one of the strongest natural disasters in decades.  Please keep them in your thoughts and provide support if you are able.

If you would like to contribute to this cause and others, you may donate to https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey

Outdoor Tech Launches Co-Lab with Netherlands-Based REHALL Performance Sportswear Brand in US at SIA Snow Show

Laguna Hills, CA – No stranger to making already cool products smarter and more durable for the active winter sports crowd, Outdoor Tech® this week is launching a co-lab tech outerwear project with REHALL in the US, a Dutch-based maker of snow sports performance apparel. Serving as the US partner, designer and distributor, Outdoor Tech will debut the brand to the industry at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, January 26-29. The collection of men’s, women’s and junior’s product will be available through specialty retailers in Fall 2017 and includes technical snow jackets, pants and accessories.

REHALL, founded in 1999 by Ronald Smits, an avid surfer, windsurfer and snowboarder, has grown to become one of Europe’s most lively winter sports brands with a wide range of fully-featured freeride jackets, pants, mid layers and casual apparel designed to perform but with one-of-a-kind looks and prices that are approachable for any rider.

“I delivered my first REHALL collection in 2000 with the mission to make great looking products that work well in the environment and won’t cost skiers and snowboarders a fortune,” Smits said. “Our design features and brand are unique and will bring something different to the US Market.”

The men’s FREAK-R and women’s CILA-R jackets, like all REHALL outerwear, features RETECH waterproof-breathable fabrics with flexible taped seams, adjustable hoods, multiple function-specific pockets and snow cuffs.


Outdoor Tech, the standard-bearer for rugged wireless audio devices and accessories in the winter sports and active lifestyle markets, including the ubiquitous CHIPS 2.0 helmet audio system, recognized a fit with their brand and determined it’s an ideal time to launch REHALL in America.

“Outdoor Tech already brings rugged, quality, well-priced products to the market and we have a lot of fun in the unorthodox way we present the brand,” said Charlie Gugliuzza, CEO. “REHALL has the same character and will reinvigorate a tired outerwear market that needs a shot of adrenaline. REHALL apparel fits great, looks incredible and is fully featured. It’s a brand that dealers and riders are going to love.”


REHALL is an active sportswear brand from The Netherlands with its roots deep in snowboarding and surfing. REHALL designs functional snow and street wear for those who love to ride. The company started around two decades ago, designing and building surfboards and snowboards for friends and personal use. Staying true to their origins for the last 17 years, REHALL has been designing sports and lifestyle clothes to match. In order to ensure the quality of their goods, the design team concentrates on achieving the perfect fit in combination with the right fabrics.

About Outdoor Tech
Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand creating accessories for an action-filled lifestyle. Packing the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth audio and power built for reveling in the open air and on the road, Outdoor Tech proves there is a way to stay connected but not tethered. For more on Outdoor Tech and the rest of its line including rugged portable power and the potentially iconic Yowie® Logo apparel collection, go to OutdoorTechnology.com.


Media Contact:

Ryan Hayter



Outdoor Tech Welcomes New VP of Sales Ryan Cockroft


Outdoor Tech Welcomes New VP of Sales Ryan Cockroft.

Laguna Hills, CA (October 20, 2016)– Outdoor Tech, the leader of rugged mobile accessories is proud to welcome Ryan Cockroft as our new VP of Sales. The entire team at Outdoor Tech is stoked that Ryan is here to continue the brand’s growth within all channels.

“I have known Ryan for a number of years, dating back to my days at Oakley.” Said Charlie Gugliuzza, CEO of Outdoor Tech. “I always admired his passion for the Outdoors and dedication to the brand.  He was our number one choice for the VP of Sales position, and we are truly fortunate to have him on board. He is an avid brand enthusiast that has been a brand fan and user of the product for many years. I have relied on him as a confidant, guiding our product development and sales strategy. The timing was finally right for both of us, and I couldn’t be happier to have him leading our sales force.”

Most recently, Ryan was Senior Key Account Manager for Oakley. A 16-year veteran, Ryan worked as an outside rep, territory manager, and eventually went on to manage Oakley’s largest retail partners for premium eyewear, apparel, accessories and footwear. He brings his unique talent of creating and cultivating relationships for national and key account partners in the outdoor markets. With an aggressive expansion plan for retail channels and extending the product roadmap, Ryan will maintain brand equity while increasing market share across the nation.

Ryan shares in the Company’s strong passion for the brand. “The outdoor business has always been my obsession and Outdoor Tech has done an amazing job building a solid brand across all retail channels. I’ve been watching this business grow for quite a while, looking for the right opportunity to join such a passionate team. Outdoor Tech has a very unique position and perspective on the way we use technology and interact with our environment. There is quite a bright future ahead of us and I’m excited and fortunate to help achieve new levels in product creation and retail distribution.”


About Outdoor Tech
Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand creating accessories for an action-filled lifestyle. Packing the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth audio and power built for reveling in the open air and on the road, Outdoor Tech® proves there is a way to stay connected but not tethered. For more on Outdoor Tech® and the rest of its line including rugged portable power and the potentially iconic Yowie® Logo apparel collection go to OutdoorTechnology.com.

Brand Co-Creator Mikie Krisztal returns to Outdoor Tech


Brand Co-Creator Mikie Krisztal returns to Outdoor Tech.

Los Angeles, CA (September 22, 2016)– Outdoor Tech welcomes back Mikie Krisztal, who will give creative direction as a brand image consultant. Krisztal will provide these services under the banner, “BrandMatter”, his growing consulting business. As one of the original creators of Outdoor Tech, Mikie played an integral role in the conception of the brand and helped steer the company’s identity, voice, and product design for several years.

“Mikie was an essential part of the brand’s initial success,” said Charlie Gugliuzza, C.E.O. “He was instrumental in defining the brand image, and the key principals we have built upon.  We welcome him back and are excited to have his creative genius help continue to define the brand into the future.”

Krisztal left the company in 2014 to pursue his passion for creating brands, resulting in the formation of a startup accelerator, now dubbed Brand Matter (www.brandmatterla.com). The agency provides full service, in-house design and marketing and specializes in helping startups get off the ground more quickly. Krisztal currently oversees product design, brand creation, web and marketing design and strategy.

“This is truly a homecoming for me,” said Krisztal. “I owe a lot of my knowledge and skill-set to the years we spent building Outdoor Tech. I couldn’t be more excited to continue that journey with their amazing team. I love this brand and the company!”


About Outdoor Tech
Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand creating accessories for an action-filled lifestyle. Packing the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth audio built for reveling in the open air and on the road, Outdoor Tech® proves there is a way to stay connected but not tethered. For more on Outdoor Tech® and the rest of its line including rugged portable power and the potentially iconic Yowie® Logo apparel collection go to OutdoorTechnology.com.



Outdoor Tech Makes the Inc. 5000 for the 3rd Year in a Row


For the third year in a row, Inc. Magazine has recognized Outdoor Tech® as one of America’s fastest growing privately-held companies. Outdoor Tech ranked no. 483 on the 2016 list based on its 785% growth rate over the qualifying time period. The Inc. 5000 ranks companies by overall revenue growth over a three-year period. Outdoor Tech continues to execute on its goal to address the ever growing issue of blending a modern lifestyle in the age of mobile technology with the drive to be outdoors.

“The last few years have been a blast. We have experienced tremendous growth with the brand. We are truly honored to be named to the Inc. 500s List of Fastest Growing Companies for the third consecutive year.” – Charlie Gugliuzza, CEO

Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand that makes rugged Bluetooth audio, portable power and mobile accessories built for reveling in the open air. With rapid growth and increased market distribution across the globe, Outdoor Tech® is clearly satisfying the needs of tech-obsessed consumers by creating gear that compliments life on the go. To see Outdoor Tech’s entire line of Stuff You Probably Want®, go to www.OutdoorTechnology.com.

For media inquiries please email marketing@outdoortech.com.

The 2015 X Games in Austin with Outdoor Tech

When things start to get extreme, you don’t want to leave your Outdoor Tech stuff at home. Nothing says extreme like having your Bluetooth speaker chillin while you skate. Just check out how good the Turtle Shell 2.0 wireless speaker looks on the mega ramp.

Turtle Shell Xgames

We almost dropped in on this but we had some crazy flat spots and you know how that goes. So instead of doing double dolphin flips, we left a sticker which is pretty much the same thing in terms of radness.

sticker on mega ramp

The Turtle Shell was really high the whole time at the 2015 X Games in Austin. I mean not like Wiz Khalifa high, but still pretty high. Check out how high it is in this pic.

High Turtle SHell

Pretty sick, right bro? Well we had a bunch of other pictures but we just posted them to Facebook and Instagram instead. You should probably make sure you follow us to make sure you don’t miss out on stuff like that.

OC Marathon 2015

We partnered with our friends at Wahoo’s Fish Taco for the OC Marathon this year and it was rad time. Who wouldn’t want to wake up super early, run for a while and then pound some beers and eat some tacos? Well we didn’t so we just hung out at the finish line and handed out our stuff.

All the runners were coming by and checking out the Orcas wireless earbuds. People were buying Orcas, shirts, and hats too.

Outdoor Tech Booth at OC Marathon

Homegirl Katie got up bright and early to set everything up, you the real MVP Katie.

Katie Setup Outdoor Tech at OC Marathon

Alex (pictured below) said that the Outdoor Tech shirt and Orcas are the only reason she finished. Well maybe she didn’t say that exactly but that’s how I remembered it.

Alex Ran OC Marathon 2015

It got pretty crowded. I mean, they were giving away free tacos and beers to everyone that ran. That was almost motivation enough for me to run, almost.

Tacos and Beer at OC Marathon

The tent got so crowded that some dude did a smash and grab for some Turtle Shell’s. We will find you, we smell your fear.

OC Marathon with Outdoor Tech

We even had some Outdoor Tech kids handing out shoelaces and other swag. This guy with a strong ponytail game saw his opportunity for free shoelaces and Carpe’d the Fu%@ out of the Diem.

Outdoor Tech is for the children

A big thanks to Wahoo’s Fish Taco and the OC Marathon for letting us hang out. Maybe you should run next year and hang out with us in 2016, maybe.

Ian Rural Compton Video

Ian always makes videos that are fun to watch and this one is no exception.

“The first seedlings have started and I reflect on the winter.
I do not enjoy city’s nor do I travel often to them,
instead I stay hidden in the trees.
The smile never leaves when skiing within these trees.”

– Ian Compton

You can’t have a video without filmers:

Pail Reid
Kevin Merchant
Dylan Demers
Jack Heath
Max Hill
Shane Mcfalls

You can check out more from Ian on his website – http://www.iancomptonsweak.com/


A Love Letter to Our Privates


From time to time, we receive communications from our customers that stand out. Below is one of said communications.

Good afternoon Gents!

I am writing to express my gratitude for drastically altering my existence…

When Chastity (that is the name that I gave to my mustard yellow ODT Privates) first crossed paths just a mere 4 months ago I immediately knew that it was love.
We started out pretty fast, as most young couples do. But as the days, weeks, and months have passed our love has not faded, not even a little bit…

Is it because she has the ability to whisper the sweet nothings into my ears as if I am listening to “Smooth Operator” by Sade? Maybe it is because she knows how to turn the mood up with a little Barry White…
Or is it because at the very next moment she can vibrate my teeth out of my mouth and melt my brain through my ears with that bASS???

Although these are very valid points I have done some very serious soul searching in the past 24 hours and I believe that I have found what the driving force is behind this whole crazy love affair I am having is!!!

It’s that I have complete freedom… if I want to rock my shit out to some “Saturday Night Fever” with nothing on but my roller skates and knee socks, well guess what… I can!!!

I have stepped into the world of wireless… and needless to say, I am NEVER going back!!!

Which brings me to the culmination of this letter.
The next time you guys create another pair of FUCKING AWESOME headphones maybe you will consider calling them the ODT N.S.A. (No Strings Attached)

“introducing the latest and greatest by ODT: Get naked with us today without feeling awkward about it tomorrow, because with us, it’s always No Strings Attached…”

The guilt free headphones

I never got a chance to really thank you guys back in December for these so thanks again, these head phones are amazing!!!
Always and forever,


Truly an amazing note from this gentleman. Words, thoughts, and reasoning escape me at the moment. I can only hope that you will be able to recover more easily and completely than I have. Maybe this will help:

Outdoor Tech® Tapped as Audio and Power Partner to Level 1’s Annual Feature

Level1 Superunknown

DENVER, CO (January 28, 2015) — Level 1 and Outdoor Tech® are proud to announce their exclusive audio and power partnership for the 16th annual Level 1 feature film and SuperUnknown XII.

“Outdoor Tech is leading the charge with progressive audio and power products, and as a brand they couldn’t be a more perfect fit for our approach to marketing, image and design. It’s very clear that they’re doing amazing things and growing in the right direction and I’m excited to have Level 1 on board to help them get where they’re going!” says Level 1 Director Josh Berman. (more…)