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Kodiak Mini 2.0 Helps During Texas Snow Storm

We love hearing from customers that use our products. Check out this note from a snowed-in Texan. Those power banks really do come in handy sometimes.

Hello! My name is Isaac and I’m writing this short email to say thank you for your awesome products. I’m from Eagle Pass, Texas and as many are aware, Texas was hit hard with a snowstorm last week. My family and I were without electricity and running water for a couple of days, but thankfully they have since been restored. 

It was definitely a strange couple of days, it felt like camping in our own home…it was cold and dark once the sun set. Like most, we were not prepared for what came…it has only snowed in our city three times, so it’s beyond rare. Luckily for us we had a few candles around the house to keep it lit…but not many (My mom isn’t a big fan of candles, she usually gives them away [or regifts them 🤫]).

I myself own one of your products, a little red Kodiak Mini 2.0 and it proved to be quite the lifesaver during those strange days. I had purchased it a while back because I thought it was neat by the fact that it can charge my phone in an emergency but more importantly the powerful light that comes from such a little device.

This little device was beyond helpful for those days we didn’t have electricity. I would prop the light on top of the kitchen cabinet and it would light the area for us to be able to prepare our food for dinner. It helped us walk around the house and not bump into things at night, haha… so much easier than carrying around a candle.

Before the snowstorm came I always had the little Kodiak Mini 2.0 on my desk….only using it occasionally when I needed a flashlight on the fly. It usually sits on my desk for weeks or months on end without being used or charged. But something I find amazing about your products is that they hold their charge for a really long time. I know this because on occasion I press the battery check button and I’m surprised that it still has a full charge after months of just sitting on my desk.

I just wanted to say thank you for making quality products. I definitely want to add more Outdoor Tech to our “Emergency Kit” that my family and I have started creating, now that we’ve experienced such a bizarre and unexpected event, because we definitely want to be better prepared next time.

Well, I guess this email was a lot longer than expected…Thanks again