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How About Some Free Bluetooth for Your Snow Helmet?

Wireless Ski Helmet AudioWouldn’t it be rad if you could skip a track when you are carving down the mountain? I really wish I could just answer a call without having to take off my snow gloves. Can someone please make a universal wireless audio drop in kit for my snow helmet? And make sure its okay to get wet, it wouldn’t be too useful in the snow if it cant get a little wet would it?


Chill bro, we did it. They are called the Chips and they are the first universal solution for Bluetooth helmet audio. Yea, you’re stoked.

This is Exciting

You can win a pair. Yea, we are giving away 1 pair per week until the end of September. That’s a lot of Chips to give away. Yup we know and you’re welcome in advance.

Here is how to enter:

  1. Take a pic of you with your helmet on. preferably, in a situation where you dont normally wear your helmet.
  2. Post said pic to Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Use #summerofhelmet.
  3. We pick a winner once a week.

See how simple we made it! Of course, you can always wait until they are available to purchase and just buy them. That would be cool too.

  • Thomas Green Knudsen

    When will they be availeble in Europe (Denmark)? Cant wait to fit them into my helmet šŸ™‚

  • Hey Thomas,
    We are working on it!