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Gabe’s Turtle Shell 2.0 is Family-Proof

Gabe P's Turtle Shell 2.0 is Family Proof

1) Name?

Hey, I’m Gabe P.

2) Hometown?

El Segundo, Calif. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

3) So, what were you looking to pick up?

I really needed a tough Bluetooth speaker. So after hunting around for a bit, I ended up going with Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell. Totally love it.

4) What’s your favorite thing about Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell?

Look, I’m a family man. I have four wonderful kids. But, come on, kids have a knack for breaking things in the most mind-boggling ways. And I love taking my kids to the park or doing backyard BBQs, and I needed an outdoor wireless speaker that was ruggedized—something that could be used and abused a bit. I needed something that could be used every day and was rugged enough to handle some serious usage by my four kids, you know? Anyway, I’m totally happy to report that the speaker’s holding up pretty well!

5) Is there anything else you like about the speakers?
Gabe's Son with Turtle Shell 2.0

Yeah, the Turtle Shell is simple, ruggedized and easy-to-use. There’s really not much else I can say. It’s perfect for my lifestyle. Like I said, we love to use it during our family BBQs in the backyard (if it gets knocked down when someone’s running around, no worries at all), and we also like to use it as a bicycle speaker too when we cruise around the beach on Sundays. I needed to get the Turtle Claw attachment to fix it to my bike, but it was super easy to install.

6) OK, so when you’re listening to some tunes with your family, what kind of music are you listening to?

Oh, man, we love Steel Pulse! My wife and kids, everybody totally digs ‘em. We was jamming!

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