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Ryan F Uses His Privates Differently, But We Love it!

Ryan F Loves his Wireless Headphones from OutdoorTech

1) Name?
Ryan F.

2) Hometown?
Redondo Beach (North Redondo Beach to be specific).

3) So, what were you looking to pick up?

I was shopping around for some Bluetooth headphones for forever, and then I came across Outdoor Tech’s stuff. The Privates totally caught my eye.

4) What’s your favorite thing about Outdoor Tech’s Privates Wireless Headphones?Ryan F with Privates - Wireless Headphones by Outdoor Tech

I was looking specifically for wireless over-the-ear headphones, something that was really comfortable. I’m not a big fan of all those decibels directly entering my ear canals, so what I really needed were some wireless headphones that were super comfortable and the Privates delivered on all fronts. Really happy with ‘em.

5) Glad to hear it! Is there anything else you like about the headphones?

That’s really it. I just needed some wireless over-the-ear headphones that were really comfortable and I ended up scoring with Outdoor Tech’s Privates Wireless Headphones.

6) Nice. Well, what do you like to do when you’re using your headphones?

Fight crime! No, honestly, I love to cook. I can cruise around the kitchen, cooking up all of my favorite grub, and I never get hung up or tangled on anything. I kind of forget they’re even there! No, but seriously, they’re great for cooking but I’m not an expert chef or anything. They’re actually really good for when I’m at work, or flying somewhere or just relaxing at home. They headphones don’t bleed at all and they’re pretty comfy, so I can go into my own little world and I’m not bothering anyone when I’m listening to my favorite band.

7) What’s the name of your favorite band?

Devo, man. I love Devo. Can’t you tell by my t-shirt I’m a huge Devo fan? Oh…and Gutter Mouth, too!

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