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5 Ways Portable Power will Improve Your next Camping Trip

As technology improves, there are a lot of arguments from hardcore outdoor enthusiasts that it makes a “cheater” out of a camper when they bring a power bank. What these guys tend to forget is that they’re making these statements while warm in their high-tech sleeping bags, not wrapped in a bear skin like their caveman ancestors. It all comes into perspective, however, when you realize that that caveman was probably made fun of by his naked friend – shortly before he froze to death. So relax, and here are some arguments to throw at your criticizing buddies.

Charge Your Phone
Just because our smartphones can do almost everything doesn’t mean they have to. Netflix under the stars might be taking things a little far, but having a detailed topographical map to help you scale that peak could make your trip that much better. But, a low battery sign doesn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know.

Charge Your GPS
Your phone has one of these, but if you’re really into it, you can have a standalone device that works a lot better. Although safety is an important issue, don’t limit these little gadgets to that purpose. If you’re not already addicted to geocaching, it’s time you start. And once you hit that point, think of how much more incredible those back country caches are. Just make sure you won’t run out of battery power right before you find it!

I know, you want to bring your guitar and impress all of your friends at the campfire sing-along. But, hold it a second there, Jack Johnson. Are your skills really that good?  If they’re not, be the hero and make sure everyone has some speakers playing quality tunes to sing with. Bring some power, though, or you might have to listen to one of your tone-deaf friends plucking at some strings.

Walkie Talkies
As a kid, you used them to crawl around your basement and play James Bond. As an adult, you’ll use them running around the woods saving your life. If you get separated from your group on a hike, it’s nice to be able to talk to them when you’re out of cell range. That feeling is multiplied if you fall down a hill and break your leg. But, you might be dead with a dead battery.

Kitchen Appliances
Sure, everyone loves hot dogs, s’mores, and cans of beer. But, wouldn’t it be nicer to lie in front of your tent with a freshly made smoothie? With some portable power, your kitchen (and its amazing gadgets) can come with you into nature.

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