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How to Pick Up During Apres in 6 Easy Steps

It’s been an epic day on the mountain, and now you’re enjoying a well-earned frosty cold beverage (and perhaps a pulled pork burger)…and, bonus, there’s an attractive person sitting a table away. Skiing really is the best.

It’s one thing to gawk at someone across a pile of nachos jamming out to EDM on some wireless headphones, but it’s another thing entirely to act upon it. So what do you do to land yourself a brand new skiing partner? We’re glad you asked.

Share a Table
You head to your favorite apres spot and there’s nary a free table in sight. That sucks…or does it? This is actually not such a bad scenario: just survey the scene. If you spot someone who catches your eye with an extra couple of chairs at their table, ask if they’d mind if you sat there—and offer to buy them a beer for their efforts.

The same works in reverse: if you’ve got a prime table, be willing to share your spare chairs. You never know who might come by.

Sit at the Bar
Better yet, skip the table altogether—the bar is where the real socializing happens. Just be sure not to end up in a sandwich between your two buddies. Speaking of that…

Less is More
It’s fun hanging out with a huge crew during apres, but if your goal is to meet people, stick to the buddy system. Too many numbers isn’t conducive to making friends in this setting. Remember: your group will start small, but the goal is to grow it.

Borrow Props
Look around you. The best apres spots have some kind of interactive element that you can use as an excuse to start up a conversation. Do they keep Jenga behind the bar? Is there an epic moose head behind your person of interest that you need to get close to for a photo op? Is there a shot ski that’s begging to be used, but you’re a person short? Use your resources wisely.

Go Old School
Back in the day, when a person saw another person that intrigued them in a bar-like setting, they would buy them a drink (or so I’m told). This hardly happens anymore, but when it does, it usually comes off as incredibly charming. Have your server deliver it on your behalf, or heck, just walk up and hand it over yourself. Ladies, this is equally awesome for you to do.

Try a Line
There’s no doubt about it: pick up lines are just a little bit lame. But sometimes, they actually work—especially during apres, when everybody’s having a good time and the questionable beer is flowing. Give these ones a whirl:

“Where did you ski today?”

“Are those next year’s goggles?” (bonus points if they reply with another Shit Skiers Say line)

“Skier or snowboarder?”

“Just a head’s up—your beacon battery might be low. It took me all day to find you.”

“Did you check out (insert awesome zone here) today?” (Proceed to swap epic stories)

“Nice moguls.”

“Did you hear the forecast for tomorrow?”

“Are you sponsored?”

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