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A Love Letter to Our Privates


From time to time, we receive communications from our customers that stand out. Below is one of said communications.

Good afternoon Gents!

I am writing to express my gratitude for drastically altering my existence…

When Chastity (that is the name that I gave to my mustard yellow ODT Privates) first crossed paths just a mere 4 months ago I immediately knew that it was love.
We started out pretty fast, as most young couples do. But as the days, weeks, and months have passed our love has not faded, not even a little bit…

Is it because she has the ability to whisper the sweet nothings into my ears as if I am listening to “Smooth Operator” by Sade? Maybe it is because she knows how to turn the mood up with a little Barry White…
Or is it because at the very next moment she can vibrate my teeth out of my mouth and melt my brain through my ears with that bASS???

Although these are very valid points I have done some very serious soul searching in the past 24 hours and I believe that I have found what the driving force is behind this whole crazy love affair I am having is!!!

It’s that I have complete freedom… if I want to rock my shit out to some “Saturday Night Fever” with nothing on but my roller skates and knee socks, well guess what… I can!!!

I have stepped into the world of wireless… and needless to say, I am NEVER going back!!!

Which brings me to the culmination of this letter.
The next time you guys create another pair of FUCKING AWESOME headphones maybe you will consider calling them the ODT N.S.A. (No Strings Attached)

“introducing the latest and greatest by ODT: Get naked with us today without feeling awkward about it tomorrow, because with us, it’s always No Strings Attached…”

The guilt free headphones

I never got a chance to really thank you guys back in December for these so thanks again, these head phones are amazing!!!
Always and forever,


Truly an amazing note from this gentleman. Words, thoughts, and reasoning escape me at the moment. I can only hope that you will be able to recover more easily and completely than I have. Maybe this will help:

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