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OC Marathon 2015

We partnered with our friends at Wahoo’s Fish Taco for the OC Marathon this year and it was rad time. Who wouldn’t want to wake up super early, run for a while and then pound some beers and eat some tacos? Well we didn’t so we just hung out at the finish line and handed out our stuff.

All the runners were coming by and checking out the Orcas wireless earbuds. People were buying Orcas, shirts, and hats too.

Outdoor Tech Booth at OC Marathon

Homegirl Katie got up bright and early to set everything up, you the real MVP Katie.

Katie Setup Outdoor Tech at OC Marathon

Alex (pictured below) said that the Outdoor Tech shirt and Orcas are the only reason she finished. Well maybe she didn’t say that exactly but that’s how I remembered it.

Alex Ran OC Marathon 2015

It got pretty crowded. I mean, they were giving away free tacos and beers to everyone that ran. That was almost motivation enough for me to run, almost.

Tacos and Beer at OC Marathon

The tent got so crowded that some dude did a smash and grab for some Turtle Shell’s. We will find you, we smell your fear.

OC Marathon with Outdoor Tech

We even had some Outdoor Tech kids handing out shoelaces and other swag. This guy with a strong ponytail game saw his opportunity for free shoelaces and Carpe’d the Fu%@ out of the Diem.

Outdoor Tech is for the children

A big thanks to Wahoo’s Fish Taco and the OC Marathon for letting us hang out. Maybe you should run next year and hang out with us in 2016, maybe.

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