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How to Sculpt Your Beach Body on the Trails this Spring

Now we’re not just talking hiking trails here. We’re talking dirt running trails, concrete bike trails through town, crunchy ski trails (because backcountry is in full-swing for those who are good enough to get out there), and primitive mountain trails that promise to sculpt any flab you may have accumulated this winter into solid, tanned, granite.

Whether you’ve got some extra fluff from excessive winter hibernation or drinking your weight in shots, these ideas are sure to make you a lean mean bro machine. Grab your tunes and get ready to hit the trail.

Track Your Progress
There are literally a shit ton of ways to track your stats while exercising. Strava, Map My Run, and Trace Snow to mention a few. The beauty of these apps is they not only allow you to track you progress, but they also encourage a little friendly competition amongst you and other runners, bikers, or shredders. That being said, get a buddy to track progress with you. Monitor your miles, calories, elevation gain, and overall hours. Loser buys the beers.

Sexy Selfies
Unleash your inner narcissist and post that shit! Take a selfie pre-run (#runninglife), during the run (#ithoughttheysaidrum), and post run (#winning). The more glistening flesh you show, the better!

Elevation is Everything
Ever wonder why top athletes train at high altitudes? It’s quite simple. Running, biking, and hiking in higher altitudes with greater elevation gains forces the lungs to adapt to and function on less oxygen. Once the athlete returns to lower elevations, their lungs are flooded with significantly more oxygen than they’re used to turning them into Sea Level Superman.

That being said, choose workouts that are at a higher altitude and that give you more overall elevation gain.

Mix It Up
We all have our habits. Your job this spring is to make a habit of getting out of the comfort zone. Try a new trail or ski line every week. Make it longer, harder, and more epic than the week before. Dull routines are where progress goes to die, so get on The Google, and find something fresh.

Incentive Pants
You know those pants or shorts you look oh-so yummy in? Yeah, well your current muffin top ain’t gonna cut it. So take said article of clothing, hang it on the back of your bedroom door or in the bathroom and don’t stop pushing on the trails until your ass can fit into them effortlessly.

Healthy Eats
It’s easy to load up on Cliff Bars and Gatorade when you’re killing it outdoors. And, though these snacks have their uses, it’s far more beneficial to eat nutrient dense foods and drink a lot of water. Some trail-friendly nutrient dense foods include, salmon, blueberries, kale, almonds, and dark chocolate. Try taking smoked salmon, dried blueberries, dark chocolate covered almonds, or kale chips on your adventures. Worried about electrolytes? They are easily replaced with bananas, raisins, or (the most effing delicious fruit/veggie…whatever the hell they are…in the world) avocados.

You have the knowledge. Now get your ass up and hit the trails.

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