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The 2015 X Games in Austin with Outdoor Tech

When things start to get extreme, you don’t want to leave your Outdoor Tech stuff at home. Nothing says extreme like having your Bluetooth speaker chillin while you skate. Just check out how good the Turtle Shell 2.0 wireless speaker looks on the mega ramp.

Turtle Shell Xgames

We almost dropped in on this but we had some crazy flat spots and you know how that goes. So instead of doing double dolphin flips, we left a sticker which is pretty much the same thing in terms of radness.

sticker on mega ramp

The Turtle Shell was really high the whole time at the 2015 X Games in Austin. I mean not like Wiz Khalifa high, but still pretty high. Check out how high it is in this pic.

High Turtle SHell

Pretty sick, right bro? Well we had a bunch of other pictures but we just posted them to Facebook and Instagram instead. You should probably make sure you follow us to make sure you don’t miss out on stuff like that.

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