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Best Traffic Apps to Get You Up and Down the Mountain

We all know you shouldn’t text and drive but there’s nothing wrong with using an app that helps you get up or down those hills. All these apps, as well as pretty much everything in life these days, are available through ITunes or you can just click on the provided links.

Waze is said to be the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app and is free. I was first turned on to this app by my daughter who is slowly, very slowly, teaching me how to use my new IPhone 6. Users input info such as traffic slowdowns, potholes, vehicles pulled over on the side of the road and most importantly, where the cops are. It shows you how many other users are on the road with you and allows you to update whether that cop is still sitting on the side of the road. It also operates as a navigation guide for when you bail on traffic. You can see all this info onscreen or have a voice warning you if you aren’t married and driving with the wife. This one is my personal favorites and would be perfect if they would just add info on bathrooms for when I’m stuck on I-70 coming home from skiing with two females who have to pee.

Sigalert is also free and claims to be the foremost provider of accurate, up-to-date traffic maps. It won’t tell you where the cops are but their info is concurrent with state highway patrols’ data and also uses road sensors and cameras for accurate readings. They also include construction info which is easier than it sounds since there is construction everywhere. Sigalert’s maps are zoom-able and clickable and though they do offer a premium version for a fee, the free app works just fine.

Beat The Traffic
Another freebie, Beat the Traffic allows to you to set up your own alerts to warn you of the specific traffic problems you are concerned with. They have real-time updates on traffic, accidents and congestion. You can also save up to three routes you have decided are quicker; a great feature for those of us who know the service roads down the mountain.


By using the free INRIX app you can find the best route for your travels because they take into account many traffic factors like: traffic congestion, road construction, accidents, police activity and historical traffic patterns. Using their information will help you decide what route to take and when to take it. They welcome user feedback to improve their product and offer 24/7 customer support.

Map Quest and Google Maps
The old standbys MapQuest and Google Maps have both upped their game somewhat to become more than just mapping services. Gone are the days when you used one or the other to find your location, then printed it out and took it with you. They have both added traffic warnings with MapQuest’s Live Traffic Displays getting updated every 5 minutes. Unfortunately you will deal with popup ads that can be quite annoying.

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