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Why Staycations are the Best and Worst Ways to Spend Your Vacation

Staycation is another of those annoying new words that won’t go away. Neither will you, as it simply means you vacation in your hometown or at least your local area. While maybe not as exciting as jetting to Europe, think of the money you’ll save.

Staycations are cheaper as you don’t have far to travel. You save on airline tickets and car rentals, and if you stay close enough, hotel rooms as well. Heck you can even eat at home but then where is the fun in that? If you’ve ever had my wife’s cooking you wouldn’t call that a vacation at all.

I’ve always said it’s not a true vacation unless I board a plane. But if there is driving involved, I’m the driver. Not to keep slamming The Wife, but you’ve obviously never seen her drive. When I’m doing the driving that also means I’m not drinking, so how is that a vacation? If you do it right, even if out of town, you stay somewhere that is convenient and you can ride buses or walk everywhere. If you don’t do it right, you’re sober, driving, and not having nearly enough fun.

Time is Everything
One good point of staycations is you’re not spending a lot of time traveling. Instead, your vacation time is spent, well, vacationing. Visiting local museums, the zoo and local tourist attractions saves a lot of time. On the other hand, you’re spending your vacation visiting museums, zoos and tourist attractions, once again, where’s the fun in that?

It’s Good for the Economy
Staycations were first preached to us as a way to save money and help the local economy which is a viable point and true. Sometimes I prefer to help boost the Mexican economy by laying on a beach in Cancun. I hear the folks in Jamaica are struggling economically as well, so shouldn’t we help them too? Nowadays they keep preaching about the global economy so as a global citizen, I feel it’s my duty to spread my dollars around.

Who Wants to be Bilingual?
On a staycation everybody speaks your language. When you travel far from home, chances are, no one will understand a word you say; sometimes not a bad thing. When you vacation here at home you don’t have that language barrier, that is, unless you wish to converse with housekeeping, the busboys, the landscapers or most of the other workers these days who speak anything but English. Come to think of it, more people speak English in Europe than here on my staycation at home.

It’s Good to be Home
Though I have had some great long-distance vacations, it’s always good to get back home. I miss my bed, my big screen TV and my friends. How can you get that sense of relief on returning when you only went an hour away? Or, as that old saying goes, “ How can I miss you if you never leave?”

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