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The Best GoPro Battery Charger for Hero4 Session

If you haven’t already checked out the GoPro Hero4 Session, you are surely missing out. You are missing out even more if you don’t have an external GoPro battery charger. The Hero4 Session has all the magic of a GoPro, packed away in a bite size, lighter than ever form. Just picture Willy Wonka Placing the GoPro Hero4 into the Wonka-Vision, and Wallah, the Hero4 Session is what came out on the other end. This thing certainly takes the cake… or should I stick with the theme and say everlasting gobstopper?

GoPro battery charger and phone charger at the same time

At this point, the only thing that is going to stop you from documenting just how extreme your life is, would be the Session’s internal battery. But don’t worry, the coolest thing about the Hero4 Session is that it works symbiotically with our Kodiak power bank family. Everything I’m about to tell you will not only make you want a Session, but more obviously, one of our Kodiak’s.


The baby of the family is the Kodiak Mini. Don’t judge the “mini” part of the name as it still houses lots of power, 2600 mAh to be exact. This means it has the potential to charge your Hero4 Session more than twice, fully! With that said, your Session could last you more than 6 hours straight. The Kodiak Mini has you set up for capturing every shot of your morning to afternoon surf sesh, brah.

Battery Charger for GoPro

The Kodiak, our middle child, holds 6000 mAh. This translates to a potential full charge of your Hero4 Session, 6 times! 6 times? For real? That’s up to 14 hours of nonstop fun capturing. This one is for you, weekend warriors!

Charge Your GoPro Battery

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Kodiak Plus; The mothership. This bad boy offers 10,000 mAh power. The Kodiak Plus will fully charge your Hero4 Session…wait for it…up to 10 times! This means you could have a fully charged Session for up to 22 hours! All you adventure addicts, you thrill seekers, and you adrenaline junkies, this is something you need to never leave home without.

Hero4 Session GoPro Battery Charger

We get it, you are big time and you don’t want to wait for your GoPro to charge. Well, the Hero4 Session lets you connect the Kodiak and use it as your power source WHILE you are recording. So that epic time-lapse, or your all day cup stacking battle royale will be documented forever.

If you still need some convincing, listen to Frank Harrington. He has a special way with words.


If all that I have said does not help your immense fear of a battery death mid shot-of–your-life, then I don’t know what will.  We have come a long way from having our cameras left charging on the floor, while they are just longing to be touched. Forget the anchor, drift away fearlessly with your Kodiak.

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