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The Best Earbuds For Each Sport

Choosing a pair of earbuds isn’t as simple as finding the ones that’ll match your hoodie. You’ve got to take into account the size, shape and how they’ll fare in every environment. We’ve done the homework for you.

Orcas: For Water Sports (or if you sweat a lot)
The Orcas, much like their namesake, can handle getting drenched. They’re the perfect earbuds for people who like being on the boat or let loose the Hoover Dam from behind their skin after a good run. They’re water resistant, is what we’re saying. They also pack some memory foam ear tips so they adjust to ears of any size, even if you’re the unfortunate fellow with Dumbo ears. We don’t recommend taking a dip with these things though—they’re water resistant, not invincible.

Plus, each pair you buy helps to save the orcas, so that’s pretty awesome.

Tags: For Moving and Bouncing
Tags are great all-around wireless earbuds, but they truly shine when put to the test in a sport where you’re bouncing around for hours on end. Think football, running, soccer, or anything outdoors really. The fit snugly inside your ear and include clips to wrap around ‘em, no matter how oddly shaped your audio organs might be. Even when you’re not listening to them they can hang tightly around your neck like a pair of dog tags.

Chips: For Helmet Sports
Whether you’re pounding some snow, hopping on your Harley or training for the Special Olympics there’s no better pair of earbuds than the chips for any sport that requires a helmet. They fit perfectly ensconced inside your noggin protector and provide premium sound no matter where you’re at. Make sure to check that your brand of helmet is compatible with the Chips before buying them, though.

Actually, they’re mostly only compatible with ski and snowboard helmets, but you can probably find a way to make it work anywhere else. Don’t quote us on that, though.

DJ Slims: For Solo, Calmer Sports
The DJ Slims aren’t really appropriate for a game of rugby, but they’re perfect for any solo sport where you aren’t likely to get roughed up on the field. Climbing? Check. Parkour? Check? Running? Double Check. The Slims are rugged enough to handle a little bounce and stay firmly on top of your head even if you tend to jump around a bit. Keep them away from water, but otherwise let your imagination run wild.

Privates: For Walking Around
Okay, you probably don’t want to take these guys with you down a rampaging river, but they’re good for a light workout or jog around the woods. The Privates were built for functionality and allow you to use Bluetooth to connect with your phone, laptop or tablet to listen to music or make phone calls. We’ll call these guys “light use” headphones for now, but feel free to test their limits.

Tuis: For Anything Not Involving Sweat
The Tuis are for the classy gentleman or woman who still enjoys a nice stroll through the woods or along the pavement or…something like that. Whatever, just don’t try and get too sport with these beauties. They’re awesome, with some pretty great features, but they were designed to do so while looking great, not while you’re working up a sweat.

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