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The 5 Most Memorable Hiking Trails in California

I know that most of you out there who work those 9 to 5’s would much rather sleep like a baby once the weekend mornings roll around. As much as sleeping in sounds like a good idea, you’re probably familiar with that regretful feeling at the end of the weekend, when you’re wishing that you would have made more out of it. With jaw dropping views, challenging terrain, and an exhilarating experience, the 5 most memorable hiking trails in California are more than worth getting out of bed for.

Mount San Antonio – The locals know it best as Mount Baldy, and as a trail you must journey at least once in your hiking lifetime. As the 3rd highest peak in Southern California, you will be awestruck at the view from the top. Just remember, you’re going to earn your way up there. With the peak being shaped like a pyramid, it won’t be an easy hike, but it’s certainly nice knowing that there are a number of trails you can choose from to make the trip to the top.


Malibu Creek State Park – The Malibu Creek State Park offers more than just your average hike; you can choose from many things to do while you’re there. Rock climbing is one that most can say they haven’t done while taking a hike before. You can also meander through one of the many flat trails and end with a dip in the nearby lake, or even climb the ridge of the Castro Crest. You may even run into some old rusted-over automobiles. How cool is that? If you love a good adventure, this state park is the place for you.


Sandstone Peak – Sandstone peak, also known as Mount Allen, is the highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains. This trail won’t be the steepest trail you have ever trekked, but it will allow a nice peaceful stroll to the top. Once you have made the climb, you’ll be met with a killer view of the Santa Monica Bay, and of course, the Pacific Ocean. This hike is a must for those who just want to enjoy a nice walk to some amazing scenery.


Cahuenga Peak – The Cuhuenga peak is just west of the Hollywood sign, and is the little cousin to Sandstone; it is named the 12th highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. This hike is for all you voyagers out there. Not only will you get to see the back of the Hollywood sign at close proximity, you’ll get to pass the Wisdom Tree on your way up. The Wisdom Tree is famous for being the only tree that survived the fire in early 2007. For the tourists, and for the locals feeling touristy, this is the hike for you.


Bridge to Nowhere – The bridge to nowhere is a truly breathtaking hike (In more ways than one). The hike to the bridge is certainly not for the faint of heart. This, 10 miles total, hike will have you spent, but don’t let that overpower the fact that you will be forever grateful you did it. At the East Fork of the San Gabriel River stands a 120 foot concrete bridge that has stood frozen since the 1930’s. Engineers attempted to connect a road to the San Gabriel Valley, but in 1938 most of the road was washed away by the great flood, and all construction was abandoned. The bridge still stands to this day, and is waiting for you to come explore!


The possibilities are endless. Now get off your computer, and get outside!

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