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BioLite, Bloopers and Beach vibes

Our talented photographer, Ryan Hackbarth and I had the pleasure of working with the always lovely, always laughing, fire cracker, Lindsey Vassalle. (@LinnyKitty for all you Instafiends) We are doing an upcoming contest featuring our friends BioLite, and who better than to be the blurry face behind the products? Haha, just jokin’. Anyway, here is a little behind the scenes, or bloopers if you will. (There were a lot, considering this girl doesn’t take much seriously) We like it though. biolite_lindsey_shoot-27  biolite_lindsey_shoot-35 Hey! We know you; It’s Cody from the Chips accessories ads! biolite_lindsey_shoot-38  biolite_lindsey_shoot-39 Just a little model behavior. biolite_lindsey_shoot-40 Sing-along-songs with the Turtle Shell. biolite_lindsey_shoot-36The BioLite NanoGrid. biolite_lindsey_shoot-41  biolite_lindsey_shoot-10  biolite_lindsey_shoot-11  biolite_lindsey_shoot-13  biolite_lindsey_shoot-14  biolite_lindsey_shoot-16  biolite_lindsey_shoot-19

We ended the day with well deserved Christmas burritos the size of our heads. That’s what I call a successful day.


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