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The 6 Craziest Downhill Longboarding Runs in the World

There’s something so relaxing about cruising around on a longboard—the easy turns, the wind in your hair—you might even say it’s like surfing on a sidewalk…or something.

This all changes when you’re talking downhill longboarding, where the word ‘mellow’ is never heard. Downhill longboarding is like luging, except on a track that was never designed to accommodate lugers. Reaching speeds over 100 mph and pulling off hairpin turns while hugging the edges of cliffs that descend hundreds of feet, downhill longboarding is craziness in action.

So for the crazy among you, here are some of the best spots in the world to indulge:

Dades Gorge Road, Morocco
It’s 5 miles of winding pavement near one of the most beautiful coastlines in Northern Africa. Who could say no to that? But be sure to watch out for the patches of road where there’s no concrete…

Andacollo, Chile
Not for your beginner, this road located in Northern Chile features gradients of up to 30 percent. I don’t know the last time you got out your protractor, but you might want to give yourself a basic refresher before heading to this fantasy land for the downhiller because that’s an intense angle. While this road offers some gorgeous views, its main downside is that the road is regularly trafficked, so dodging cars becomes a large part of the challenge.

Titan’s Path, Norway
Norway is known for its great views, and Titan’s Path is no exception. The only problem is you probably won’t get to enjoy any of it because you’ll be careening down the best Lysebotn has to offer in terms of downhill enjoyment. With a gradient of 30 percent and a length of just over 1 km, this is a quick run which is pretty much just 30 hairpin turns in a row. Godspeed.

Transfăgărășan, Romania
This former military road will take you over 55 miles through Transylvania, and there’s plenty of excitement along the way. While the whole thing is not downhill, there are plenty of choice locations, including some pretty gnarly hairpins near Dracula’s castle. You know you vant to try it.

Stelvio Pass, Italy
At 9045 feet above sea level, this road features more than 75 hairpin turns and would you just look at that view! But also watch out for those cliffs, those are important too.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China
Apparently longboarding certain sections of the Great Wall is faux pas, but Tianmen Mountain Road is a close second. With 99 turns over 6 miles, this descent from the heights of Tianmen mountain provides plenty of thrill.

Gotthard Pass, Switzerland
They say a picture is worth a 1000 words…so consider this little snapshot of Downhill porn a novel.

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