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6 Signs You Should Be a Ski Bum

You love skiing. You really, really do. That’s why you spend every single weekend up in the mountains, living the life.

The thought has crossed your mind more than once: what if you could trade in your weekend warrior card for full-fledged ski bum status? Imagine starting every day with a few mountain laps and always getting first tracks on a pow day. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Many ski bums are former weekend warrior converts, and they’ll be the first to tell you that moving to the mountains is the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves.

You may be wondering if now is the time to take the leap. If you nod your head in agreement to the following statements, consider this your wake up call.

You Feel One With the Mountains
You feel completely at peace when you’re up in the mountains, while cities make you feel choked for air. Nothing clears your head better than that first run of the day. Other people just don’t get it, man—the mountains are where you belong.

You’re Proud of Your Quiver
Let’s see here, you’ve got your early season rock skis, your skinny skis for icy groomer days, your powder skis (gotta love the powder skis), your park-ready skis and, let’s be honest, you’re contemplating picking up a new pair shortly. If your ski collection is your most prized possession, then you might secretly be a ski bum.

It’s Not Fall…It’s Ski Movie Premiere Season
Autumn means two things: your annual countdown-til-the-mountain-is-open is officially underway, and you’re reorganizing your schedule to catch this year’s crop of ski movies. You know your MSPs from your TGRs, and you have a serious opinion about how significantly Warren Miller Productions’ films have changed since the man himself stopped being involved. When you care more about ski movies than regular movies, it might be time to convert to being a ski bum.

You’re Willing to Make Sacrifices
Reasonably priced groceries? Your own private bedroom? A good-paying job? None of it matters. You’re willing to throw it all away in order to live, work, and play full-time in the mountains. If you’re willing to drop everything you’ve worked for in the name of skiing, you’ve got the makings of a ski bum.

You Resent Being Called a City-ot
You roll your eyes when the lifty who has been there a few months calls you a tourist. Please. You’ve been coming here for ages. You’re on a first-name basis with the local bartenders and you know the only place in town where you can eat a reasonably priced plate of nachos. You’re no city-ot; you’re a ski bum in training.

You Can’t Think About Anything Else
After a weekend on the slopes, you spend Monday obsessively reliving your best lines. Come Tuesday, you’re already planning next weekend’s trip. Wednesday, you’re compulsively checking the snow report. Thursday you’re packing your bags, and Friday you’re too preoccupied to get any actual work done. All signs point to ski bum.

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