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Making the transition from mountain boy to surf scum has been fun these last two years, but there comes a time when you are dying to be back in the good ol’ snow. I took a last minute holiday/vacation/content trip back home to Tahoe for 11 days and here’s what I did:

CHIPS-Beanie-Jamie-7  OT0042-Wired-Chips-Squaw-Lifestyle-4    OT1351-GLO-Buckshot-Pro-FatBike-Lifestyle-7  OT1900-B-Cabos-SnowCamp-Lifestyle-3  OT3830-Chips-Kroo-Nick-Bern-Lifestyle-4  OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-3quarter-Lifestyle  OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-Car-Lifestyle

It dumped snow basically the whole time.  El Nino is still real just like last time you heard from me.  I was able to ski part of the days, and shoot every day as well.  I managed to shoot the entire catalog throughout the week with some great friends of mine.  It means a lot that we didn’t just hire random models to look “adventurey, and campy” instead, I have real friends that really live this lifestyle when they get off from work and have the time.  When you look at our winter catalog, just know that these are real people having real fun.

OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-FrenchPress-Lifestyle-10  OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-StrappedTree-Lifestyle-5  OT5200-W-Orcas-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5    OT6004-Adapt-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5  OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-FrenchPress-Lifestyle-12  Walkie_talkie_snowcamping-4  Walkie_talkie_snowcat-5 #stuffyouprobablywant.

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