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Outdoor Talk: Dave Bachinsky

If you’ve ever met Dave, you know that he’s one of the most approachable and humble dudes in the game.  He’s been in this up and down skate industry for quite some time and has always managed a great mindset through and through. I’m telling you now, no matter where he is, what he’s skating or doing, he’s always having the best time.  We’re stoked to be able to share with you his rad interview, and talks of moving out here from Massachusetts, helping fix up his hometown park, music, and life in general.  Watch and learn a few things from Dave’s hi tech tricks and his down-to-earth mentality! And check back, for “Turtle Stories with Dave Bachinsky”, coming soon…

All photos courtesy of Cory Hackbarth.

dave_melon  dave_windowreflection
dave_candid  dave_park  sergi_park

Ryan’s Workation

Making the transition from mountain boy to surf scum has been fun these last two years, but there comes a time when you are dying to be back in the good ol’ snow. I took a last minute holiday/vacation/content trip back home to Tahoe for 11 days and here’s what I did:

CHIPS-Beanie-Jamie-7  OT0042-Wired-Chips-Squaw-Lifestyle-4    OT1351-GLO-Buckshot-Pro-FatBike-Lifestyle-7  OT1900-B-Cabos-SnowCamp-Lifestyle-3  OT3830-Chips-Kroo-Nick-Bern-Lifestyle-4  OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-3quarter-Lifestyle  OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-Car-Lifestyle

It dumped snow basically the whole time.  El Nino is still real just like last time you heard from me.  I was able to ski part of the days, and shoot every day as well.  I managed to shoot the entire catalog throughout the week with some great friends of mine.  It means a lot that we didn’t just hire random models to look “adventurey, and campy” instead, I have real friends that really live this lifestyle when they get off from work and have the time.  When you look at our winter catalog, just know that these are real people having real fun.

OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-FrenchPress-Lifestyle-10  OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-StrappedTree-Lifestyle-5  OT5200-W-Orcas-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5    OT6004-Adapt-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5  OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-FrenchPress-Lifestyle-12  Walkie_talkie_snowcamping-4  Walkie_talkie_snowcat-5 #stuffyouprobablywant.

TAHOE & 25


Turning 25 isn’t so bad. Was lucky enough to cop a 2016 Rav 4 Rental for the week.  I got to Tahoe right when a storm hit, so that was refreshing.  El Nino is real..  I spent the week shooting with my best friends, some of them actually ski for us. They make me laugh, I make them look funny, which in turn makes you laugh.  I took a few follow-cam laps and tossed together a video too.


Challenges: Convincing them to wear a royal-blue helmet (courtesy of Giro Snow).


Favorite moment: When Cooper was wearing the Dad-style Smith helmet (thnx Smith), he snuck away and changed into a dad-style wind breaker.  He was taking laps while I was posted up on the jump shooting photos, and didn’t notice until 5 laps in that he had disguised himself as a rad-dad.  Although I was wearing rad-dad sunnies and a rad-dad-style hat all week.  My friends didn’t even recognize me..


Check it all out.


chips-tahoe-november-2015-80  chips-tahoe-november-2015-86


chips-tahoe-november-2015-77  chips-tahoe-november-2015-94  chips-tahoe-november-2015-130  chips-tahoe-november-2015-122  chips-tahoe-november-2015-56  chips-tahoe-november-2015-215

Level 1: Small World Premiere Reno

As you may know, ODT is the title audio sponsor of Level 1 Productions. On Saturday, I went out to join the boys at Moment Skis for a night of free movies and beer. Yes, free beer. I gave out Yowies, stickers, jimmies, and showed off the new CHIPS® accessories, and selectively people watched. Great Basin Brewing Co. provided Reno and Tahoe loc-dogs with good brews, all while Level 1’s “Small World” played. Moment and Outdoor Tech’s very own KC Deane even came out to throw out some CHIPS® and strike a few model-bio poses for my camera. He premiered his new movie, BLANK: The Movie, which was also super rad! I shared a table with the good buds at Creep Co. Clothing, as well as a ton of other awesome sponsors hooking up buzzed preteens with free $wag. Here is what went down.  (Sadly, I wasn’t drinking that night).

moment_smallworld_blank-55  moment_smallworld_blank-2   moment_smallworld_blank-3  moment_smallworld_blank-5  moment_smallworld_blank-6  moment_smallworld_blank-7  moment_smallworld_blank-10   moment_smallworld_blank-11  moment_smallworld_blank-12  moment_smallworld_blank-14  moment_smallworld_blank-16  

moment_smallworld_blank-18  moment_smallworld_blank-19  moment_smallworld_blank-20  moment_smallworld_blank-21  moment_smallworld_blank-22  moment_smallworld_blank-24  moment_smallworld_blank-25  moment_smallworld_blank-26  moment_smallworld_blank-31  moment_smallworld_blank-33  moment_smallworld_blank-34   moment_smallworld_blank-35  moment_smallworld_blank-36  moment_smallworld_blank-37  moment_smallworld_blank-38  moment_smallworld_blank-39  moment_smallworld_blank-40  moment_smallworld_blank-41  moment_smallworld_blank-42  moment_smallworld_blank-43  moment_smallworld_blank-44  moment_smallworld_blank-45  moment_smallworld_blank-47


Why do people love lanyards so much?  The mystery will live on forever.

“Strange Rumblings in Shangria LA”

Globe Surf movies are always pushing the envelope, and this super-16mm film full of waves and babes blew my mind.  The surf world is always one step ahead of the game. trailer:


some cool DJ guystrangerumblings-3 Cali-surfer-bros enjoying a nice merry-go-round pre-screeningstrangerumblings-4 strangerumblings-5 strangerumblings-6 strangerumblings-7 The nicest people you’ll meet from Dank Donuts (& coffee)strangerumblings-8

Actual Amish hipsterstrangerumblings-9

My roommate and Jess (total babe)strangerumblings-10 strangerumblings-11 strangerumblings-13 Blake Michel, who is putting together a lil surf edit for us soon.strangerumblings-14 strangerumblings-15

The future of surfing right here….
strangerumblings-16 strangerumblings-17 strangerumblings-18 strangerumblings-19

What are we yelling about! (drunk).strangerumblings-20

Who are these girls? Do I remember? (no)strangerumblings-21 strangerumblings-23I killed it with the lens focus on this one.  The legends that made the movie happen.


Globe made a Strange Rumblings line of clothing!

Thanks for reading my blog post (if anyone actually reads this)


War of Rails 2014 RECAP

The first year of War of Rails was 5 years ago, and Jordan, Lena, Jarens and I entered in it along with a small group of other people.  Boy has it changed!  This year Red Bull was there along with our boys at Bern helmets.  Under Armour and Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s were also in attendance as sponsors.

Shout out to Craig Coker for putting together such a sick event for us skiers who are still segregated against being in all the rail jams all over the country.  Thanks Craig.

words & photos: Ryan Hackbarth

This marks the end of UA War of Rails V, but lets take it back to the beginning.
IMG_8996On Thursday we got to Bear and dropped our stuff off, then got to take a few afternoon laps. I enjoyed making this 60-year-old Slovakian woman’s day by showering her with compliments. She invited me to come play pool and drink fancy drinks that night. (Shoulda gone). Nice hat.

IMG_9049The wet storm made its way into the mountains and it flooded for a whole day, so naturally we played pool and drank the day away.

IMG_9084Friday night came along and after a day of nothingness, our party kicked off! (I played more pool).



Jordan being extra creepy check out their apparel brand @creepco and www.creepcoclothing.org

IMG_9087Charlie & Caro put on another successful Beer Bong Races event.  Thanks to Brian at Sandy’s Bar in Big Bear.

wor_day1Day 1: snowy snowy snow.  The Am contest commenced.wor_day1-14Wind-Flags up the Ying-Yang (not literally).

wor_day1-15 wor_day1-16My main man Billy D on the cam.  We went to college together. He left his busy film school life to help me shoot the event.wor_day1-23

This guys name is probably ‘Guy’.  Hey Guy.

wor_day1-17 wor_day1-18The GOAL POST feature was insane.  Doods were spinning onto it of course (#pyeongchang2018). Yep I just started that. not too soon.



Marty B.


Welcome Khai Krepela to the team.

wor_day1-9 Bobby, resetting the signs that fell down.wor_day1-10Speaking of signage, the doods at War of Rails killed it with ours!

wor_day2-63 wor_day2-33 wor_day2-32 wor_day2-11 wor_day2-6

wor_day2-68Some chick wearing a Yowie.wor_day2-82

Bobby: You know what they say about small feet- Big personality. (also it’s not true what they say about small feet).

wor_day1-27Steez-monwor_day1-20Lena D.wor_day1-8The hard-working crew. (they held that pose for two hours). Talent!wor_day2-7 wor_day2-50 wor_day2-61Kieran McVeigh on the sleigh (slay).

wor_day1-2Team contributor Kyle Smaine practicing for the pro day.wor_day1-12

Marty B rockin some DJ slims to helps with the spins.wor_day2-85wor_day2-80 wor_day2-81 Kelley & Spohr weirding me out.wor_day1-6People still love lanyards!

wor_day2-30Reed Speedman ladies & gentsam_podiumAm results:

3rd place: Max Morello, 2nd place: Max Moffatt, 1st place: Joey Van Der Meer


Day 2: the pro day arrived and the morning started off with some sunshine.photo 4Bobby & the Big Bearphoto 5less clouds, more crowds.photo 1Can you find our stickers?wor_day2Dom Laportewor_day2-2Team contributor Kyle Smainewor_day2-10wor_day2-4 wor_day2-5Smaine ripping a switch 180 into the redirectwor_day2-3Khai Krepelawor_day2-9Matt Walkerwor_day2-12 wor_day2-13 wor_day2-14 wor_day2-15Steve Stepp

wor_day2-18Team Rider Shay Lee.


He was also ripping.wor_day2-56 wor_day2-57 wor_day2-55wor_day2-19 wor_day2-20Mr. Snakevest himself.wor_day2-17 wor_day2-21 wor_day2-22 wor_day2-23 wor_day2-24 LJ Streniowor_day2-29Tosh Peters.  Everyone was just destroying this rail jam on steroids.  wor_day2-38 wor_day2-47Shugz always beign creative, I think he should have made finalswor_day2-48 wor_day2-49

STEEEEZwor_day2-51 wor_day2-52 wor_day2-53 Kieranwor_day2-54wor_day2-62 wor_day2-64 wor_day2-65wor_day2-78 wor_day2-79The Crew plus Billy D.

wor_day2-76The man behind it all. Skiv aka Dan Skivington.

wor_day2-77 Some Bear loc-doggs
wor_day2-87G-moneywor_day2-58The Champion, Karl Fostvedt!wor_day2-59 wor_day2-74 wor_day2-75Those Privates were the driving factor to his $15,000 win (obvious).wor_day2-71

Learn your roots. Hot Dog the Movie.wor_day2-88 The giveaways.wor_day2-89 wor_day2-90 wor_day2-91 wor_day2-92 wor_day2-93podium

Results: 3rd place: Sean Jordan, 2nd place: LJ Strenio, 1st place: Karl Fostvedt

Thanks for coming out everyone!





My first trade show I have ever attended was a full of laughs, screams, rumbles, grumbles, jumbles and fumbles. This was also my first time ever in the growing city of Denver, CO


Steam always rising on these cold, cold streetzsia2014iphone-23 lil tilt-shift from my iphone view from the roomsia2014iphone-18sia2014   sia2014-40 sia2014-45This guy from Alpine Initiatives had a Yowie (Yeti) tattoo!  Secret giveaway: if you send me a photo of an ODT related tattoo you will get free sh*t from us.sia2014-39 International Sales Bobby Ali explaining his privates to some bearded fellows.sia2014-42sia2014-38   sia2014-43Zander Blackmon stopped by to show us his new hair-dewsia2014-35 The boys of Strange Brew came by for some free beers and laughssia2014-34 Free protection was always available!sia2014-33 Friend of ODT Rob De Luca ladies and gentssia2014-32 sia2014-31 sia2014-30 sia2014-29 sia2014-28 Crippled sales rep Alex Albers has one functioning knee after his incident during our visit to Dew Tour when he skied into a tree!sia2014-22 sia2014-21 sia2014-20 sia2014-19 Bern TM Lando always being weird and creepy.  He’s good at it!sia2014iphone-12Po-lice tryna roll upsia2014iphone-20Electric’s booth was killer. Stuff I probably want. sia2014iphone-21delicious refreshment at Whole Foodssia2014-18 Team rider Cole Drexler being a poster-boi at the Line Skis Boothsia2014-17 sia2014-16 sia2014-15 New colorways!sia2014-14Thumb drives!sia2014-13

The Moment Skis crew was hard at work pushing their handmade skis!sia2014-12 sia2014iphone-15sia2014-36sia2014-37sia2014-11 sia2014moresia2014more-6And then it was Saturday…The Beer Bong races commenced….sia2014more-5our COO Charlie flew out just for the day to run the Beer Bong contest
sia2014more-14 sia2014more-13 sia2014more-12 sia2014more-11 sia2014more-10 sia2014more-9sia2014iphone-19 aftermath of Beer Bong Races.

sia2014more-8 sia2014more-7 Caro came straight back from ISPO in Germany with a terrible illness, but managed to make it out to the booth for a few hours.sia2014more-4 sia2014more-3Tara from PR was a big help!

Bobby rockin’ the (extremely) limited edition hoodie.sia2014-9 View from the hotel!sia2014-8 sia2014-5 sia2014-4

sia2014-3Dentist?sia2014iphone-6The show ended with a BOOM (Capri-sun courtesy of Celtek’s sack lunches which included a hand-made PBJ)
sia2014iphone-16In copper this board was on the wall of bar.
sia2014iphone-11 The on-snow booth at Copper Mtnsia2014iphone-4Neil from Candy Grind using his Safe5 while snowboarding
sia2014iphone-10 sia2014iphone-13 sia2014iphone-9….and while drinking the Ole Smokey Moonshine cherries.
sia2014iphone-7 sia2014iphone-2Copper Mountain has some gr8 tree runs and terrain so I didn’t have to dip into the park too often.  However, it is nearly impossible to find the terrain park at first.  Colorado is cold and beautiful.