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Level 1: Small World Premiere Reno

As you may know, ODT is the title audio sponsor of Level 1 Productions. On Saturday, I went out to join the boys at Moment Skis for a night of free movies and beer. Yes, free beer. I gave out Yowies, stickers, jimmies, and showed off the new CHIPS® accessories, and selectively people watched. Great Basin Brewing Co. provided Reno and Tahoe loc-dogs with good brews, all while Level 1’s “Small World” played. Moment and Outdoor Tech’s very own KC Deane even came out to throw out some CHIPS® and strike a few model-bio poses for my camera. He premiered his new movie, BLANK: The Movie, which was also super rad! I shared a table with the good buds at Creep Co. Clothing, as well as a ton of other awesome sponsors hooking up buzzed preteens with free $wag. Here is what went down.  (Sadly, I wasn’t drinking that night).

moment_smallworld_blank-55  moment_smallworld_blank-2   moment_smallworld_blank-3  moment_smallworld_blank-5  moment_smallworld_blank-6  moment_smallworld_blank-7  moment_smallworld_blank-10   moment_smallworld_blank-11  moment_smallworld_blank-12  moment_smallworld_blank-14  moment_smallworld_blank-16  

moment_smallworld_blank-18  moment_smallworld_blank-19  moment_smallworld_blank-20  moment_smallworld_blank-21  moment_smallworld_blank-22  moment_smallworld_blank-24  moment_smallworld_blank-25  moment_smallworld_blank-26  moment_smallworld_blank-31  moment_smallworld_blank-33  moment_smallworld_blank-34   moment_smallworld_blank-35  moment_smallworld_blank-36  moment_smallworld_blank-37  moment_smallworld_blank-38  moment_smallworld_blank-39  moment_smallworld_blank-40  moment_smallworld_blank-41  moment_smallworld_blank-42  moment_smallworld_blank-43  moment_smallworld_blank-44  moment_smallworld_blank-45  moment_smallworld_blank-47


Why do people love lanyards so much?  The mystery will live on forever.

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