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Outdoor Talk: Zach “Ducky” Kovacs

Zachary Kovacs, Ducky for short, is from  Modesto, California. He’s been skating for about 15 years now and grew up at Ceres Skate Park . His favorite thing to skate, besides everything, are red curbs, and when he’s not skating he’s at Programme Skate & Sound watching skate vids. Skate skate skate.He rips pretty hard and has a Thrasher feature to prove it. Get to know Ducky a bit better and check out his interview below.

First and foremost congratulations on your Thrasher feature, how stoked were you when that happened?

Thanks, I was real hyped! Even now it doesn’t even seem real.


What was the process of getting this exposure?

Me and some friends had been filming sometime for a skate video ( Jordan Faulk’s Stand By Fire ) and with the video winding down everyone handling their Enders , Bigspin front board down Hollywood had been on my mind for a while and After going back a few times it worked out with the security guard letting us skate the sixteen. My good friend Jacob Remero shot a sequence and Geno from PIZZA skateboards saw the photo and made the ad happen. It couldn’t have worked out any better and am so stoked how our video as a whole came out! Everyone killed it!! (Shameless plug http://www.standbyfire.bigcartel.com )

How did you find out about ODT? Why do you love us?

Taylor came into the shop and talked about the company and I made a point to talk to Ryan at Agenda LB . He liked the stuff I sent him and things just worked out from there. I love ODT because the products are loud and durable, and everyone I’ve met apart of ODT are rad (especially Ryan and Taylor <3)

What initially got you into skating?

When I was three my cousins were skating in front of my house and I would take there old boards and push around on one knee until I learned to stand up.


Who’s your skate hero?

Right now I’d have to say Cam Sedlick. He’s one of the nicest skaters I’ve ever met, has a crazy bag of tricks, and just turned 16. He comes out with a new part Jan 25th that I’m really looking forward to, especially after seeing his part in SBF.

What’s the best skate trip you’ve gone on thus far?

Phx Am trip last year was so far the best, we got to skate a handful of Arizona spots and my good friend Jamie Foy took second in the contest and left with 2G’s!!

Tell us about Programme

Programme is sick , Chris runs a good balance of music and skating with live shows in the shop and skate events , and it’s pretty rad riding for a shop that sells vinyl and skate goods .

Which ODT product would you hope you had with you on a deserted island?

Buckshot Pro for sure! Music, flashlight, and a USB charger!!!


Any trips coming up?


Tell us a little about your crew of hooligans. 

Four LOKOS, loud music, and skating

Thanks ; Mom,  Dad, Max,  Geno at Pizza and Lurk hard , Jordan Faulk , EVERYONE APART OF TEAMHALFASS SBF,  Chris at Programme , Ryan and Taylor at ODT , Jacob Remero , Dan Stolling , and everyone else who helped me out these past years !

Thank YOU, Zach. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you.


All PC: @jacob.photo

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