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Go Fest

Well, another year of GO Fest Whistler’s Great Outdoors Festival has come and gone. We’re sad to see it go, but with the activity filled weekend, we will have enough awesome memories to last us another year. Check out our booth we had set up, and see all the fun we had while listening to some rad bands, The Big Turtle Shell, and slangin’ our gear of course.

gofest schedule  odt flag and mini ramp

We setup a table in front of the local ODT retailer, Provisoner, and performed product demos.

tentsetup  infront of store setup  table setup
We ran some games for consumers, to showcase how awesome our ODT products are…obviously.

buckshot pro and waterguns

Race to see who fills the shot glasses first – winner gets a Yowie!

These were our soon-to-be-married super heroes. They had a blast participating before their nuptials.

The Provisioner Shop ran a fun contest inside their store involving a map of Whistler. Customers got to place a pin on the map, guessing where there might be a buried treasure. At the end of the day, the shop staff picked a random location out of a hat, and the winner received an ODT item of their choice.

contest map

Across the walkway, in the village square, Vans had a mini ramp where kids were skating the day away. It was all positive vibes and fun to be had.

mini ramp

All in all it was a great time. Canada can do no wrong. Until next year, Go Fest.