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Brands to Follow

Working for a large company can sometimes make you forget about where it all began. ya know, you forget the ‘started from the bottom now we here’, because, well you’ve just always been here. Most people don’t see it at the bottom. There are some rad companies out there, just getting started, that you may not know about, but that are just as great if not better than the bigger known companies currently in existence. This is where I come in. I present to you, the 4 most awesome brands to follow. (In no particular order.)

Helm St. HelmStreet

Land. Sea. Garage., is one of the first things you’ll see when you enter their site. This nature inspired, skateboarding fueled, American tradition, metal and leather company is something you will want to see, as well as get your hands on. They make products ranging from metal rings and combs, to leather wallets and lighter jackets. Their stuff is pretty much the sh*t, so take a big whiff.


I’m sure at some point in your life you have wished to have some sort of talent, that comes easy to you, that you can make a living off of. Well this next company is just that. Arkaid Supply is a bunch of rad doodles, placed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, paper, stickers, and even on peoples skin. Yea, people love this art so much they make it permanent…Which is a wonderful segue into my next pick.

Permanent VacationPermanetVacation

Alright, I bet you’re already intrigued because, lets face it, who doesn’t want a permanent vacation? This is a brand new, up and coming skateboard company that has a lot to offer considering the massive competition in the skateboarding world. Their bright board graphics and chill vibes have got everyone hyped. These guys are so new to the game, they don’t even have a website yet; Check them out here if you’re interested.

ATR ChoppersATRChoppers

ATR (At the Risers) Choppers is a company started by a rad dude who builds choppers in his spare time. In between winning awards and showcasing his bikes around the world, he’s slangin’ his rad T’s and other novelty goods. His small, limited runs of hats, shirts, pins etc. are something you’ve gotta check out…before their gone forever! (evil laugh)


Welp, those are my 4 picks for awesome brands to follow. Take it or leave it.