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10 Best Music Festivals in the US

Rain or shine, sandstorms or stagnant air, these festivals are a must, no matter what the circumstances. Whether you like country, electronic, rock ‘n’ roll, or you just like to have a good time, these top 10 music festivals are something you have got to experience before it’s too late. Take a look.


If you’re thinking this seems like an obvious choice, you’d be correct.  Obvious or not, even if you hate music you know you have had moments where you wished you were scantily clad frolicking among movie stars and pop singers, whilst not giving a single f*ck. This top notch festival in the desert just gives you the start-of-summer feels. Everyone wants to go to Coachella at least once, as you should.


This one is close to home for us, as the Yowie is our great friend. and that’s about the only reason, ha. This Awesome music festival is almost a replica of Coachella, except for the fact its in Washington state leaning against an insane cliff overlooking a quite majestic view.  The desert sands aint got nothin’ on this place. Indie rockers, and hipsters alike, get your scarves and your leather boots because Sasquatch is waiting for you.

Outside Lands

Outside Lands is one for the books when it comes to music festivals in SF. This 3 day event has got some of the best bands playing with the most unpredictable weather accompanying them. You’re guaranteed to have a good time while you’re here, but bring layers; one minute you might be stripping them off, and then next you might be adding them on. SF, man, so incalculable.


F yeah Fest is a unique festival based out of LA. Some dude who started out as a music promoter ended up deciding to create a festival for his peeps in LA and…well he was successful. FYF is now one of the main festivals to attend in LA for the hip hop heads and the independent music guys. How LA of you, FYF.


Bonnaroo is one of the greatest camping experiences at any festival in the world, and Bonnaroo organizers constantly deliver a fantastic lineup. Once you survive four days sleeping outside and watching awesome bands in the intense Tennessee heat, no one will doubt your festival experience.


This festival is the best in the world for uncovering new raw talent. SXSW means hopping around bars and venues in Austin, mingling with a mixed group of music fans and music industry people and watching future stars earn their stripes. Don’t get me wrong, there are big names too, but half the fun is stumbling across a brand new act, loving them and then bragging about how you saw them when they were no one. ya know.


lolapalooza has a great reputation as one of the most organized festivals in the country. Organization helps when you’ve got hundreds of bands playing and thousands of people. We saw in 2012 when a gnarly storm shut things down for part of the weekend. Sets were rescheduled and the show went on. The greatest part about this festival is that it allows for you to explore the city by day.

Treasure Island

The Treasure Island music festival, like Outside Lands, is in San Francisco. This small scale concert takes place on well, Treasure Island, and last for two days. It’s just over the bay bridge so it’s easily accessible. If you’re just not feelin’ it or you prefer bands later in the day, you can hang out in the city and cross the bridge when you’re ready to go.

Stage Coach

For all you country music lovers, this one is for you. Stage coach takes place in the same location as Coachella, and as a matter of fact, I don’t think they take anything down when Coachella is over because Stage Coach follows the weekend after its over. For not being the biggest fan of country, this music festival is pretty damn fun. Lots of cowboy boot wearin’, whisky drinkin’ hard asses that are just there for a good time. Sounds good to me.

Warped Tour

And lastly, we have Warped Tour. This music festival will bring you every kind of person under the sun. From young girls in band tees, moms, dads and babies, to the most dedicated of fans of their underground lovers, if nothing else, attending will give you a good people watch. If you’re looking for one full, action-packed day of watching bands, Warped is a great place to go and probably not too far from you.

And those are the top 10 music festivals in the USA. See ya at the next one!