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ODT Father’s Day Gift Guide: Under $100

Father’s Day is coming in hot, and some of you are still racking your brain on what to get your awesome dad. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Here are 5 ODT products, under $100, that will guarantee your placement in the “favorite child” category. A fair warning, once your family sees your pop open his gift, you will be immediately bombarded with questions like “where did you get that?”, and “Can you get me one?!”, so make sure to bookmark these pages.


1.Buckshot Pro – $79.95


This crazy 3-in-1 combo will rescue you in all your bad decisions. With a built in power bank , the Buckshot Pro can give your phone a full charge, give you enough light to avoid going through the neighbors mailbox, and still have power to play “My Heart Will Go On.” This rugged piece of artillery is meant for your clumsy hands after a few too many beers. And don’t worry, it’s splash resistant and shock proof too. Perfect for college, and those without jobs who just need a friend. Or even those with jobs, who don’t need a friend. So pretty much everyone.

2. Kodiak Plus – $79.95

OT1650-CAM-Charging-GoPros-Indoor-Lifestyle (1)

The Kodiak Plus is for the tech dad. With a slim and sleek form factor, two USB ports so you can share your power (if that’s your thing), and shockproof and waterproof features that have come to be the envy of every bar-goer and outdoors-man, this is for the dad that does it all, with all his devices.

3. Orcas – $79.95

orcas_nick_venice_film_4982x3131 (1)

The Orcas are for the on-the-go dad. The super light weight, sweat-proof Bluetooth wireless earbud is customized to fit your ears and your active life. With three sizes of fins and form-fitting Comply™ tips, we guarantee more security than TSA post 2001. At under half an ounce for the pair, they’re practically invisible, and by invisible we mean weightless. sweat-, rain-, dust-, shock-, and idiot-proof, the only thing you really can’t do with them is go swimming.

4. Privates – $79.95


The Privates are for the cool dad. These wireless Bluetooth headphones feature a touch pad interface on the right earpiece that allows you to change tracks and control volume with the swipe of a finger. It’s so easy, in fact, you might begin to hate anything that doesn’t have a touch pad interface. Add built in call functionality and a tough canvas wrap around the headband, and the Privates are looking better than a salted margarita being served to you by a sweaty ex-mariachi band member who also sells oregano on the beach.

5. Turtle Shell 2.0 – $79.95

IMG_1196 JM ODT © Ryan Janssens

The Turtle Shell is for the Rock ‘N’ Roll dad. Pioneers blaze new trails, develop new ground, and settle stuff (just check Wikipedia). ODT is kinda like them, except for the settling. There is no settling for anything in the ODT lab. After pioneering the space of rugged Bluetooth audio with the Turtle Shell in 2012, ODT has been on a quest for perfection and the goods just keep getting better. The music continuously sounds clearer, louder and deeper, and the Turtle Shell keeps on blazing trails. Cheers to that!


Now stop procrastinating and click the shop button on the top left hand side of your screen!


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