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Valentines Day Gift Guide

Get the one you love, something they will love this Valentines Day. Roses are nice, cards are okay, but some rugged, wireless and waterproof awesomeness is probably the better choice. If you’re familiar with our brand, then you know very well what is going to make your significant other give you heart eyes; if you’re not, then here is a list of stuff that will be sure to put you on the best BF/GF list.

Turtle Shell 3.0 – 2 Pack Bundle: $179.95V-Day-01

Just in time for this loving holiday, we have released the Turtle Shell 3.0 bundle pack, and for a great price. Buy this awesome bundle of love and save $20 bucks! That’s right, when you buy two Turtle Shell 3.0’s in the bundle pack you save $20 dollars. Single or taken, two Turtle Shells are better than one.

Kodiak Power Line: $24.95 – $79.95ot2650-b-kodiakplus2-charging-2

The Kodiak Power Line is a must in this digital age. Whether you’re cruising through the isles of the grocery store, or trekking through the rocky trails of Big Sur, power can be everything. From your phone to your iPad, to your GoPro or your Sony action cam, these power banks will keep you charged up for all your life moments.

Calamari 2.0: $24.95DSC008742

Next on the list comes the ultimate power cord for all your life moments. Which just happens to pair very well with the Kodiak Power line, and, well just about anything else we sell that houses a power bank. This 3-in-1 USB charging/data transfer cable can do way more than just charge your phone. With an Apple MFI certified lightning cable, USB C, and USB Micro Connectors, you’re all set to charge up just about everything you own. No more wire problems with this baby, once you’ve got one of these, it’s smooth sailing.

Buckshot 2.0: $39.95ot2301-chr-buckshot2-bike-speakerThis next one on our list is for all those people out there that like to have fun. The Buckshot 2.0 is an ultra portable, extremely tough, and super tiny speaker that packs a ton of sound. Did I mention it’s also waterproof? Yea, this thing rules. It has multiple mounting options for every adventure you can think of, 60 feet of Bluetooth range, 20 hours of battery life and it is A LOT LOUDER THAN IT LOOKS. Okay, i’m done yelling. But you’ll want to yell at the top of your lungs when you get this thing because it’s that damn exciting.

Los Cabos: $59.95OT1900-R-B-Cabos-Beach-Couple-Lifestyle (2)Last, but most certainly not least, we’ve got the vacation in a box; the Los Cabos. The Los Cabos are Bluetooth headphones that not only sound awesome, but they look super cool too. Wear them to the gym, wear them on the plane, or take a walk to the beach and tune out. No matter what, these things are your gateway to temporary paradise.


If none of this stuff interested you, then check out some other rad gear that just might. We both know you can’t wait to bye some stuff you probably want.