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Lady Gaga & Metallica @ The Grammy’s – ODT Reactions

There is nothing more entertaining on a rainy Sunday in February then tuning into the Grammy Awards. I mean, I am actually 100% sure there are multiple people in our office that would way rather be doing anything else, (because I asked) but either way, it’s damn entertaining. As I asked each person here at ODT if they watched the Grammy’s, the answer they gave me, and the tone in which it was in, really hinted at how they would react to the next question I had, or rather task. I told them to watch the video below so I could see how they would react to it. My reaction, on Sunday night when I watched it live, was “are you f*cking kidding me?!”. Watch for yourself and see why.

Here is what our employees thought:

“My eyes… they’re burning” – Chayne

“I bet Lady Gaga has a bigger… than James Hetfield.” – Andy

“I don’t like the Grammy’s, I don’t like Lady Gaga, and Metallica just dropped points in my book.” – Eric (who refused to watch it)


“If I was on stage right now, I would get 1000 miles away from those flames. If they can’t get the microphone to work then there is no way I am trusting them with fire.” – Taylor

“So glad i’m not there” – Gabriela

Eric finally decided to watch the video due to some serious FOMO… Here’s what he said:

“Wow, I will never get these few minutes back. Why am I watching this? Where’s my emo-gency?”

Wow, Eric, you’re funny.

“Not sure what I just watched, but I liked it!” – Justin

“Oh no.” – Jeff


The sound guy was asleep, Lady Googs was clearly off her medication, and James Hetfield was PISSED. It was an unplanned, outrageous, complete train-wreck of a performance and I loved every second of it. Now let’s hear what you think…